The United States Department of Trade Controls Purchase Order Requirements.

This document must be from the foreign end user, requesting these items be shipped to them. We need to have this in English, either typed or handwritten (if legible). This can be mailed, faxed or emailed to us. It needs to include:

a) Name, address, phone and FAX of foreign end-user

b) Exporter's information: Simpson Ltd., 140 S Seminary St., Galesburg, IL 61401, United States     of America

c) Make, Maker’s address, model, caliber, serial number, type (ie. rifle), action (ie. bolt) and
    actual purchase price (or dollar value if a gift) for each item.

d) Name and address that the shipment is to be sent to.

e) End use of the firearms (ie. collection, resale, sport shooting, hunting, etc.)

f) If the country being exported to does NOT require an import permit (Germany for example),     place a statement on the purchase order certifying an import permit is not required for these     items, give the reason why and sign it.

g) Name of person placing the order and signature of that person.

Click here for an example of the purchase order sample format.


On the sample formats, in describing the firearms, for TYPE indicate Rifle, Pistol, Revolver, Etc. For ACTION indicate Bolt, Semi-auto, Pump, Single Shot, Etc. Value in $US is typically the price paid for the firearm. If it is a gift, it will be the current value of the firearm. This value is used for insurance purposes during transit and duties upon arrival in your country. They cannot be 2 different values, cannot be zero and must be realistic. We will also need the address for each manufacturer indicating at least the City & State or City & Country if non-US firearm. There will be an additional research fee of $50/hour if we need to provide any missing manufacturer address information.

The use of a table for the firearms is not necessary. The information in the table is an example only. Firearms  can be listed as a line of text. For example:

Mauser, Oberndorf, Germany, K98k, bolt action rifle, 8mm caliber, s/n 123456, $800.00