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For Firearms Shipped from the USA to Foreign Countries

Thank you for choosing Simpson Ltd as your firearms exporter. To help this process go as smooth as possible, here are some general guidelines. To apply for your license, we are required to submit the following information:

1. Purchase Order - This document must be from the foreign end user, requesting these items be shipped to them. We need to have this in English, either typed or handwritten (if legible). This can be mailed or faxed to us. It needs to include:

          a) Name, address, phone and FAX of foreign end-user

b) Name, address, phone and FAX of any foreign consignees, if needed.

c) Make, model, caliber, serial number, type (ie. rifle), action (ie. bolt) and dollar value for each item.

d) Name and address that the shipment is to be sent to.

e) End use of the firearms (ie. collection, resale, sport shooting, hunting, etc.)

 f) If the country being exported to does NOT require an import permit (Germany for example), place a statement on the purchase order certifying an import permit is not required for these items, and sign it.

    2. Import Authorization - This document is either an original permit or certificate issued by the foreign government, authorizing the import of the items specified in the purchase order. It usually contains an official signature, government seal and validity period or expiration date. Typically a firearms dealers, business license or authorization to own or carry a firearm is insufficient. Check with your local laws to determine what your government requires. We would like an original, if possible. If not, a certified copy can be used. We must receive the original or certified copy via mail. Faxed copies are no longer acceptable. If the permit is not in English, we will need an English translation also. The translation can be faxed to us. We have had several licenses rejected because of a lack of an English translation. If you are in an Organization of American States country, an original import permit is required.

    After we receive these documents, we will apply for your license. An approval can take 4-8 weeks to get back from the U.S. Department of State, sometimes longer. The clearer and more complete the supporting documentation is, the quicker they seem to process the application.

    We cannot guarantee approval for every firearm you want. There are some guns that cannot be exported and some guns that other countries will not allow to be imported. The U.S. Department of State is constantly changing the list of "friendly" countries where we can ship guns, which can affect approval. We will ship the guns after the export license is received.

    For more than 50 guns or assalt type weapons (or any other reason the State Department may require), we will also need an original U.S. form DSP-83, Non-transfer and Use Certificate. We can supply you with this form. Contact us for further information and guidelines. The original form must be submitted with the application.

    Many countries require Air Freight shipments of firearms, especially for larger quantities. Some countries allow Air Parcel Post for smaller shipments, which cost less than standard air freight. Check with your local regulations. Note that the maximum amount of insurance available for Air Parcel Post is usually less than for air freight.

    When your guns are shipped to us from the seller, there MUST be an invoice or packing list on the OUTSIDE of the parcel with the contact information for the seller (including a copy of their FFL, if applicable), the contact information for the buyer, firearm manufacturer, type, model, caliber, serial number & value listed. If this information is missing, there will be a $50 charge (to be billed to the buyer) to inspect the parcel. If we cannot readily identify the items, they will be returned to sender C.O.D. or put in the unidentified firearms pile. Also, have them shipped in sturdy containers that can be opened by us and resealed. If we need to repack them, there will be additional charges. For larger shipments from multiple dealers, we can build a wooden crate, if you desire, for $150.00. They will hold up to 800 lbs (365 Kgs) and are the safest way to ship.

    What is it going to cost? Our fee for processing your export license is $450 for 1 or 2 guns, with additional guns being $75.00 each OR 2% of the value of the shipment, which ever is greater. This fee needs to be received before we can submit your application and includes the $250 our State Department charges for each approved application. All other customs brokers fees and shipping fees are to be paid before the guns are shipped to you. For items at our facility more than 6 months, there will be a charge of $10 per item per month or fraction of a month for storage. For larger shipments there may be an additional handling fee of $10.00 per gun. If a wooden crate is needed, the charge is $150. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. For items purchased from Simpson Ltd, the fee to obtain an export fee is $450 for up to 4 guns and $50 for each additional gun. Our fees for antique only shipments is $150 for the first item and $50 for each additional item.

    There are additional fees that we have little control over. They include all shipping costs from here to the foreign end-user, brokers fees, storage fees, insurance, duty, etc. These fees are collected at the time of pick-up or delivery of the shipment. They can range from $350 to $900+. It depends on value of shipment, weight, distance, etc. We can get an estimate of these costs for you once we know what the shipment will be and where it is going. You will be liable for these fees, even if there is an error made by our agents or customs personnel. We will be responsible to deliver your items to a carrier for delivery to you, but in no case are we responsible for damage incurred in transit or lost, misdirected or customs siezed shipments. If your foreign postal system handles firearms, the shipping costs will probably be lower. Check with your local service first, and request to have your firearms shipped Air Parcel Post.

    There are some exceptions to the rules. Check with us for more details if you are wanting antique or obsolete firearms, generally manufactured on or before 1898, as well as inoperable replicas of such firearms, temporary export of firearms and ammunition for personal use - with certain restrictions. Contact us if this is your situation.

    We realize this can be a long drawn out frustrating process at times. Processing and approvals can take several months. One time an application can come back in as little as 3 weeks, while another one, submitted the same day, may take 8 weeks. Getting an import permit from some countries can be harder than others. Because of these variables, which are beyond our control, we cannot give you a schedule as to when your items can be shipped or when they will arrive.

    Thank you for letting us serve as your U.S. firearms exporter. We will try our best to make this sometimes treacherous process as smooth as possible.

    For more information, you can send an e-mail to Michael at

    Click Here to see a Sample Purchase Order.

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