Sample Five Year Letter

The following is a sample of a letter that can be used to certify firearms have been located in a certain country for the prior 5 years before export into the United States of America. Be sure you are able to produce documentation to prove these firearms have been in the country,
in case of a rare challenge from the United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco
and Firearms (BATF).

You are free to use whatever format you wish. Make sure all the information is included. This can be typed (recommended) or hand written and must be in English. Any other information that may benefit approval of the import permit can be included, such as purpose of import, name of importer, special safety devices, etc.

Because of a recent rules change (Nov, 2001), this letter must be sent to Simpson Ltd via the mail. We must now submit the original of this letter with the application. Please be sure your original signature is on the letter. Sorry for another bureaucratic obstacle.



Letterhead or
Name of Foriegn Seller
City, Province, Region, Postal Code


Today's Date


I, Name of foreign owner, position &/or title,  certify that the following firearms have continually been in the name of
your country
for at least the last five years
     1)  Firearm Make, Model and serial number.
     2)  Firearm Make, Model and serial number.
     3)  Firearm Make, Model and serial number.
     4)  Firearm Make, Model and serial number.
     5)  Etc. Until all firearms are listed.

Signature of Foreign Owner

Name of foreign owner
Title &/or position

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