New Site Features


After many attempts, we have finally updated our website to provide a better experience for you. This page will outline some of the new features and some of the limitations we have at this time. There may be a few bugs to work out. If you find one, feel free to call and speak to Michael or send an email to Thank you for your patience.

You can now setup your new account from the main page. I apologize for the BIG MISTAKE of inadvertently leaving out the caliber, condition % and serial numbers from our descriptions. They have been updated. Thank you for your comments, good and bad.

New Customer Account

Please signup for a new customer account. We decided against trying to move our current customer list because of compatibility issues. If we already have a license on file for you, please indicate your license type when creating your account. We will be updating the site to allow for uploading a new or updated license in the future. 

Online Firearm Ordering

Firearms cannot be purchased directly from the website at this time. There may still be some disappointment when you put an item in your cart, only to find someone else just checked before you were able to finish your purchase. But if you successfully checkout, it will be yours. Our online and in-house systems are now synchronized so it won't be sold out from under you after the new site has been launched exclusively.

We will still be glad to pull items for you, examine them and answer your questions while you are on the phone with one of our salesmen.


Firearm Licenses

We anticipate being able to allow you to submit your FFL or C&R license online, but for now, you can supply it using our current methods. FAX: 309/ 342-5730 (always on). E-mail to Snail mail. Be sure to include the item inventory number the license is for. If you license is already on file, you will not need to send it to us for every order. But you will need to update it if it is expired. We also hope to build an online database of dealers near you that will receive firearms from us.


Handgun and Long gun purchases

When purchasing a hand gun, we will need to ship Next Day or 2nd Day shipping method. Long guns can be shipped with any method, with ground being the least expensive. Minimum shipping cost is $35.00 for handguns and $30.00 for long guns. 


Navigation - Where's "What's New"?

The menu system has been updated. The "What's New" section is still located on the main menu. If you scroll down the home page, you will also find our All New Arrivals separated into easy to find categories: New Hand Guns, New Long Guns and New Other Items. You will also find a new offering: Reduced Prices. These are items that have had their original prices lowered by ourselves or by our consignees. This is ordered with the latest Reduced Price item at the top.

On most collection pages, there is a sort by box on the top right corner of the listings. This will allow you to change the sort order to help you find what you are looking for the way you want. Give it a try.


Future Enhancements

We hope this is just the beginning. There is a Wish List being worked so you can let us know what type of items you collect and receive an email or text letting you know we have just added something you like to our site.

If you consign items with us, we want you to be able to log into your account and see what you have still in stock, what has sold recently, a history of everything you've consigned with us and the ability to change your selling price.

For those that use our Import and Export services, you will be able to look at what we are holding for you to export, what we are expecting to import, the status of your application and what additional information we need to submit your application. Also, have the ability to upload the required documents directly to our server and make application online.

If there are other features you would like to see, contact Michael. We will seee what we can do.