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50 Cal; very good bore, good stock, 36'' barrel, Marked on the upper tang in three lines with the Remington address and patent dates 1864-1871. The metal finish is in the white and the rifle is mounted in a two piece walnut stock. The barrel is fitted with a fixed front sight doubling as a bayonet lug and a protected military style ladder rear sight, graduated to 1000 yards. The left side of the barrel is marked with a serial number 23 followed by a small block S. The right side of the barrel is stamped with a sideways P. The left side of the frame is stamped with a B, which also appears on the left sides of all three bands. The right side of the bands have small inspector letters stamped. The hammer has an unusually high straight thumb piece, marked H on the left side. The buttstock has faint boxed script letter inspector cartouches on both sides behind the frame, and another on the left side of the stock about in the center of the butt. The buttplate tang is marked 25/H/C. The bright finish metal has minor to light spotting overall, with some areas of minor pitting, some on the right side of the frame and along one edge of the upper tang. The wood has many dings and scuffs. The action works fine. The chamber has some damage on the bottom near the extractor and will not chamber a cartridge. Antique. Complete with the original cleaning rod., s/n 23