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Lot of seven (7) original WW2 era manuals. FM 21-45 Protective Measures, Individuals And Small Units, dated March 10, 1942. FM 7-35 Antitank Company, Rifle Regiment, dated May 23, 1941. FM 7-20 Rifle Battalion, dated September 28, 1942. FM 7-25 Headquarters Company, Intelligence And Signal Communication, Rifle Regiment, dated October 7, 1942. FM 7-10 Rifle Company, Rifle Regiment, dated June 2, 1942. Handbook for Unit Commanders (Germany), dated 15 February, 1945. How To Respect And Display Our Flag, by the U.S. Marine Corps. Ink stamped on the inside cover and back "From your Congressman Edwin Arthur Hall". Alll are in good original condition, showing light handling and some page yellowing.,