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4mm; 100% blue, mint bore, mint stock, 10 7/8'' barrel, An impressive working miniature rifle painstakingly manufactured by Leon Crottet from Switzerland. These rifles are pictured in the book "Scale Model Firearms" by Joseph D. Kramer on pages 121-127. This particular miniature is even more exceptional as it is number 2 of 2 cutaway models produced by Crottet. The left side of the gun has cutaway sections ala factory armorers training model, showing all the major internal parts and function. Truly remarkable workmanship that will likely never again be duplicated. The miniature has matching serial numbers on all the numbered parts, some even electro-penciled as on the original , with replicated Walther proofs and codes. The gun has blue finished parts, with the receiver and bolt carrier having a slightly rough and phosphated appearance just like the originals. And the magazine has a black paint finish complete with replicated codes and proofs. The laminated stock has the matching serial number and tiny E/359 proof on the bottom. And then, there is the fully functional miniature ZF4 scope with the rubber eyepiece, replicated code ddx and markings on the left side, complete with the matching number mount and banded rings. The scope has the heavy post pointer/crosshair reticle, and even the magnification is to scale, simply outstanding. The rifle and scope are complete with a fitted felt lined case, and includes an extra cutaway magazine, 4 to scale stripper clips, two with 5 rounds each dummy cartridges, one with 5 rounds wood tipped bullets, and one with 5 rounds plastic training cartridges. There is also one live cartridge included. Other to scale accessories include a leather sling and a rare blank firing adaptor which is marked with replicated codes and proofs as well. The front sight hood and cleaning rod are also present. The rifle measures 22 inches from the muzzle to the heel of the buttplate. A simply outstanding miniature that has to be seen in person to be believed! The condition is mint. The display case has some light storage scuffing on the outside surfaces., s/n 10xxf