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8mm Mauser; 85% blue, excellent bore, fair stock, 23.5'' barrel, Steyr manufacture in 1944, nazi SS contract rifle, stamped on top of the receiver ring with a large bnz over 44. Original blue finish, mounted in a laminated stock and handguard. Matching bolt assembly and rear sight, the remainder of the parts are not numbered. Consignment item so I have not disassembled the gun to check for numbers inside the stock, the handguard appears to be a replacement. The military acceptance eagle/swaz stamp on the left side of the barrel chamber has been neatly ground out. The right side of the receiver ring has a single eagle/77 proof. The top of the barrel also has a WaA proof. Stamped trigger guard is eagle/135 proofed with an unmarked milled floorplate. Flat milled upper band and stamped lower bands are not marked. The metal finish shows some wear and areas of thinning. The wood appears to have been lightly sanded, and there is a crack behind the receiver tang. There is no provision for a cleaning rod. Mechanically fine, the bore is clean and sharp. C&R/FFL, s/n 84xx