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9mm Luger; 99% blue, like new bore, like new grips, 4'' barrel, This pistol appears to be an early pilot production gun, and according to the serial number was the 2nd pistol produced using the standard serial numbering system in 9mm Parabellum caliber by Mauser Oberndorf, in 1969 or 1970. This pistol has all the features of those very early guns. Original blue finish, this example has Swiss checkered brown plastic grips on a Swiss style frame, as used on the Swiss M1929 Luger pistols, with a long grip safety. The magazine is original with the Mauser banner stamped low on the spine, and this magazine has a number 7 stamped up high on the spine. The frame has been lightly stamped with the serial number on the right side, above the trigger. The reason for the light stamping was to avoid damage to the frame. Even earlier pistols had the serial numbers hand engraved. Many of the small parts are numbered internally with the number 2. This includes the sideplate, trigger, bottom of the receiver and barrel at the joining mark and the complete toggle assembly. The takedown lever is a Swiss part aka M1929. The top of the toggle has the early engraved Mauser banner under ORIGINAL logo. The front of the receiver is rounded, without the machined scoops on the corners. The safety lever is checkered, where some of the earlier pre-production guns had no checkering on this part. The left side frame is marked "MAUSER PARABELLUM/9mm Luger". The top of the barrel is marked as such "9mm Paraod..38 Luger". The safety area on the left side of the toggle housing is marked SAFE. The back of the frame is stamped "Made in Germany". A very interesting very early production pistol in near mint condition. Condition: The metal finish shows some very minor handling. There is a slight toggle mark on the back of the toggle housing. Mechanically as new and if fired it was not used much. FFL, The parabellum is Back pp 391-415, s/n 11.00.10xx, Catalog Number PW-41