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9mm Luger; 70% blue, poor bore, fair grips, 4'' barrel, Manufactured by DWM for a Dutch Navy contract, without a grip safety. Original blue finish, strawed small parts and checkered walnut grips. The top of the toggle is stamped with the DWM logo. Crown/N proofs appear on the bottom of the barrel, left side of the receiver and left side of the breechbolt. RUST marked safety area with arrow on the left side of the toggle housing. GELADEN marked extractor. The front grip frame strap is stamped K.M. for the Dutch East Indies Royal Navy. This pistol has some mis-matched parts. The gun being numbered 706: the frame has the following mis-matched parts, grip panels are both numbered 00, the takedown lever is numbered 09 and the hold open is numbered 07. The toggle assembly has a mis-matched firing pin, numbered 07. The barreled receiver has a mis-matched sear, numbered 07. This pistol is marked with the Indonesian Republican Army five pointed star on the left side of the receiver, applied to captured Dutch pistols after WW2 while fighting for independence from Dutch rule. The magazine with this gun is a blued sheet steel DWM military variation, numbered 1496c/+. Condition: As is common on these pistols due to the climate they served in and the sporadic care they received while in Indonesian service, the metal finish has turned dull with areas of browning, showing edge and high point wear. There is etched pitting here and there over the gun. The grips show wear as well, the right panel having an old chip of wood missing from the upper front corner. Mechanically fine. The bore is worn with light pitting throughout. C&R/FFL, s/n 7xx, Catalog Number V-06