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Original WW2 era “Rokuoh-Sha” machine gun movie camera used for training rear machine gunners on aircraft such as dive, torpedo bombers and various reconnaissance aircraft. These resemble the standard type 89 (copy of the Lewis Gun) machine gun as mounted on these aircraft, and could be mounted in the machine gun position in the aircraft, or externally on the wing and controlled remotely. There supposedly (we have never seen one work) was a selection of movie combat scenarios which could be run through the camera by hand cranking, a type of stop watch was placed inside the plastic dome on the top, the watch was activated when the trigger was pulled. A prism allowed the face of the watch to be shown in the “movie” it was running. The gunner in training was shown how long his bursts were while aiming at the target, help train in leading the target, and thus how to better handle the weapon. Most if not all of these were produced by what eventually developed into the Konica camera company. The movie camera device is in excellent condition, and comes with the original compartmentalized storage chest with many accessories. The chest is painted gray and has a matching serial number stenciled on top of the lid along with Japanese characters. The box contains a C clamp type mount, an extra trigger assembly, a target ring rear sight and post front sight, a small glass bottle, empty, and assumed to be for lens cleaning, 4 small canisters with film cartridges inside, two other film cartridges and a remote cable. The tools (2 screwdrivers and a crescent wrench) are newer additions added to fill the spots for the original tools. The clasp assembly for the lid has been removed and is in the chest. No papers or labels are found inside. Two of the four small screws which hold the dome in place at the front are missing. This is a consignment item.,