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Lot of five (5) Civil Defense manuals from the state of Illinois Civil Defense Agency. Lot includes 2 Operational Survival Plan bound folders, dated 1958. Each contains folders with information on Attack Warning, Communications, Intelligence, Welfare, Engineering, Transportation, Radiological, Warden, Fire and Rescue, Manpower, Administration, Medical, Economic, Supply, Fiscal, Industry, Legal, Information, Religious and Training. Both bound folders appear to be complete and have some very interesting information on what may have gone on during and after a nuclear attack during the Cold War era. Lot also includes 2 American National Red Cross Disaster Plan bound papers, dated 1958-1959, with information on contacts, available shelters and alternate shelters complete with available inventory and the proposed strategy in the case of a nuclear attack during the Cold War. And also included is a Civil Defense Handbook For Radiological Monitors, FG-E-5.9 dated April 1963, from the Department of Defense, Office of Civil Defense. All items have been in storage locally since the 1950s-1960s, and show some dirt and minor staining.,