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Brass helmet with tan horse hair plume. Chain chin strap mounted to two rosettes, one on each side, the chain chin strap is a later replacement. White metal starburst with a brass plate around a white metal number 2 marked "HONI.SOIT.QUI.MAL.Y.PENSE.", meaning "Shamed be he who thinks evil of it". Inside is the original leather liner which is missing the sinching string in the top. The nut for the plume mount is stripped, leaving the mount a bit loose and the mount plate is missing two of the square nuts which secure it. A small oval plate on the inside top is marked "Fleming & Sons/London/St. Martinslane". Over all good-very good condition, there is some polishing compound residue along some of the edges. There are a few small dents on the back. Accompanying this helmet is a small brass gorget with a white metal crowned eagle on the front. The chain is a jewelry grade replacement. Also a shoulder board, gold braid over red felt in good condition showing some loss of the red felt under the braid.