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Sealed plain unmarked box of 44 rounds, military Ball ammo. Reportedly, this ammo was contracted by the U.S. Government CIA in the early 1950s and produced in Canada. Intended for clandestine issue to troops in Quatemala fighting with Col. Castillo Armas against the forces of Col. Jacobo Arbenz Guzman who had communist ties and was being supplied with Czech arms and ammunition from Russia. Although Armas troops were in the process of being equipped with some British and American small arms acquired in England, most of what was available were older VZ24 Mauser rifles and surplus German MG34 and 42 MGs. Consignor notes state that the headstamp on this ammunition reads "MM/44/7.92", taken from a previously opened box, and the ammo was bright and clean, boxer primed and non-corrosive. Note: We can not ship ammo to CA, MA, HI, AK, NYC, W.D.C. Also check your local laws.