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58 Cal; fair bore, good stock, 21'' barrel, One of 5000 "Hall Carbine Affair" guns, percussion breech loading carbine with .58 caliber rifled barrel as issued with the Illinois 2nd and 9th Cavalry during the Civil War. Story is that these carbines were purchased as obsolete guns from a New York government arsenal and resold to U.S. forces for a substantial profit, a transaction which involved financier J.P. Morgan and General John Fremont of St. Louis. Fremont was relieved of command for the procurement incident. Stamped on top of the breechblock "U.S/S.NORTH/MIDLTN/CONN./1852". Illegible inspector cartouche on the left side of the stock. The right side of the butt is stamped with what appears to be "H.N./II/IL". And initials E H R are scratches onto the right side of the stock under the frame. Patina metal with some minor pitting. Many dings on the wood. Mechanically fine, complete and original. Antique.,