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22 Long Rifle; 80% blue, excellent bore, good stock, 25.25'' barrel, Conversion from a Long Lee MKI* rifle to a Short Lee Enfield Converted II SMLE, Then to a Pattern 14 training rifle by AG Parker. The original markings on the right side of the buttsocket "Crown/VR/SPARKBROOK/1901/L.E./I*", the SMLE conversion markings appear on the left side of the buttsocket below the safety "ENFIELD/1905/ShtLE/ConD II", and the 22 training conversion markings appear on the right side of the buttsocket under the original markings, "A.G. PARKER/& Co LTD/BIRMINGHAM/22 PATT/14 No1". Original blue finish and walnut stock. Non-matching bolt with proper 22 bolt head. Magazine cuttoff and left side volley sights have been removed. The upper volley sight pointer stud has not been ground. Number 3 pattern magazine box with the follower and spring removed for catching the empty 22 cartridge casings. Australian ownership markings D broad arrow appear on the left side of the receiver ring and right side of the buttstock. Includes the attached original leather sling. Mechanically fine. No import markings found. C&R/FFL, s/n 58xxL