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30-06 Cal; good bore, good stock, 24'' barrel, Original parkerized finish, mounted in a walnut stock and handguards. SA 11-43 barrel with bright breech. Proper fixed front sight and lock bar rear sight. SA -12 bolt, SA -9 uncut op-rod, proper gas cylinder, 2 slot poppet gas cylinder lock screw, proper short fork follower rod, SA -12 trigger housing, SA -5 hammer, SA -11 safety, milled trigger guard. The stock is stamped on the left side with a boxed SA/GAW cartouche and ordnance wheel escutcheon. The front of the grip is stamped with a serifed circle P firing proof, centered, and with a small ordnance wheel escutcheon on the bottom of the grip. The upper handguard has three cracks on the top. Mechanically fine. Muzzle=.302, just over the red line using the Brown's gauge, TE=3. C&R/FFL, s/n 21006xx