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36 Cal; good bore, good stock, 32 7/8'' barrel, Schutzen style rifle, Full octagon barrel with false muzzle marked "A. SCHNEIDER S.F. CAL.". Original browned finish. Fancy walnut stock with blued mounts. The stock mountings are engraved in fine scroll leaf relief with gold inlay standing and laying deer on the lockplate, tieplate and upper tang, and a hunting dog on the bottom of the trigger guard. Gold inlay band around the barrel. Silver wedge plates. The stock has deep scroll leaf carving on the forend and grip areas with a turkey in a tree on the left side of the butt. Finger grooved trigger guard and hooked buttplate. Double set triggers. Ornate bone forend tip with single wedge. Tunnel front sight with fine post. Upper tang base for an aperture rear sight which is missing. Also missing are the palm rest which originally screwed into a hole on the front tirgger guard tang and bullet pusher. Ramrod is likely a replacement. This target rifle is pictured in the book "California Gunsmiths 1846-1900" page 207 by Lawrence P. Shelton. The stock has tight grain cracks on both sides. The lock and set trigger function well. Antique,