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These large Kukri style knives where intended for religious ceremonial use, usually for sacrificing indigenous buffalo. Heavy hand forged steel blade is 25.25 inches in length and has etched gold decoration. Wooden handle with rectangular bone inlay and painted decorations, missing two of the inlays. Thin metal end cap. The blade has signs of sharpening and traces of gold edge paint remain. Multi-piece wooden scabbard with hand carved and colored stone decoration, several of the stones are missing. The top of the scabbard has two places for side knives, both are missing. The scabbard has two reed wraps, possibly later additions. Also the scabbard has a loose section on the back and a wood filler repair on the back of the tip. May or may not be original to the blade as fit is not that good. Exact age is not known, a guess would be early-mid 20th century.