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Wonderful Koto period blades. Diasho set in early edo matching kaga school kashira with matching two piece gold foil habaki. Katana with red laquer attribution to Sada Mitsu, the work looks to be Bizen Choji, still retaining nice shape. Cut down with two mekugi-anna and 27 inch Nagasa (cutting edge). Polish is very good, no flaws, has old light rust staining in 6 inch area, about 5 inches from kissaki due to poor storage. Easy fix with touch up polish. Old edo period iron tsuba signed Nobuiye. Wak, 17 inch nagasa mumei (unsigned), two meguki-anna (holes), wonderful polish with no flaws, looks to be Bizen work, late Koto period. Unsigned iron tsuba. Signed kozuka with kaga matching work. Nice hard to find set, matched set of tsuba, would finish this set to make a center piece to any sword collection. No major flaws.,