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577/450; very good bore, good stock, 33.25'' barrel, Manufactured in Nepal, a rifle based on the British Martini-Henry rifles. Original metal finish turned an even brown. Walnut stock and forend. Cleaining rod included is not the original. Consignor notes state that this particular rifle was purchased well before the more recent imports of these by Atlanta Cutlery and others. Mechanically fine. Includes an original British Martini rifle bayonet with a Nepalese produced brass mounted leather scabbard. The bayonet is missing the locking ring and has pitting over all. The scabbard is in fair condition, seam is separating. It is recommended that these rifles be checked by a competent gunsmith for exact bore size before use with modern manufacture 577/450 ammunition, as these rifles were basically hand produced by various sources in Nepal, grades of steel and bore sizes do vary, and use of certain ammuntion may cause excessive pressures in the barrel. Antique,