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Group of six (6). Appears on p. 1327 of Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess’ The Borchardt & Luger Automatic Pistols. First service pattern has a zig zag jag and rotating grooved walnut handle. Second rod also has a zig zag jag with a fixed grooved walnut handle and a threaded tip. Third rod is the more common standard issue second pattern which has a rotating grooved beech handle, steel shaft, steel tip, and threaded jag. Fourth has a fixed grooved walnut handle and steel rod with threaded jag and brass tip. Fifth also has a fixed handle and steel shaft with brass tip and is pictured to show the steel through pin that locks the handle to the stem. Sixth is a very rare variation of the second Navy pattern with a rotating grooved walnut handle and a brass rod with a threaded jag designed for the 4? Navy P.08s that were procured as commercial pistols and issued in 1913/14. This rod is 5-1/2? long unlike the others that are a standard 8?. It would be very difficult to find all of these variations and this is the actual group that is illustrated in the book. All in excellent condition with minor wear & aging.,