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Lot of three (3) boxes. 1-12 Gauge US Climax Heavies Long-Range Loads. 2 1/2 inch paper shells, #4C. 25 round box missing 5 rounds, with two US Climax #5C shells thrown in. 2-20 Gauge US Ajax shot shells, full box of 25 rounds, 2 1/2 inch papers shells-2 1/4 drams, 7/8 oz #8 Shot. Shells have some light corrosion on the brass bases. The box is fair, with edge wear and tear, label remains at 80%. 3-20 Gauge Remington UMC Arrow shot shells, full box of 25 rounds, 2 3/4 inch paper shells-20 grams Ballistite, 7/8 oz #6 Shot. Brass shell bases have some light corrosion. Box is fair, old tape repair, label remains at 90%.