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Lot of eight (8) items: 1-1.5 inch paper punt gun shell, primed with powder and wad, no shot load, 4 inch length, primer marked "WRA Co New No4". 2-UMC Co No.2 brass punt gun shell base, factory primed. 3-Aluminum 4 Ga. Shell, marked on base "ALCAN BASIC", 2 7/8 inch length, umprimed, no load. 4-Adams 4 Ga 4.5 inch length, unprimed, no load. 5-Brass 4 Ga 4 inch length, marked on base with a number "63", unprimed, no load. 6-Kynoch 10 Ga 2-piece brass 2 5/8 inch, unprimed, no load. 7-A.B. & C Co. 12 Ga brass 2 5/8 inch, spent factory primer, no load. 8-Remington 14 Ga. Brass 2 1/2 inch, factory primed, no load.