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9mm Luger; 4 7/8'' barrel, Dual Tone Rig #7157g, 9mm Luger; 92% blue slide over dark plum frame. Strong lands and grooves in an excellent bore, with very good grips, 4 7/8" barrel. Original blue finish and ribbed dark brown bakelite grips with six open lines around the screw. Matching frame, slide and barrel. The right side of the slide is stamped with two eagle/359 proofs flanking a military acceptance mark. The left side of the slide is stamped P.38 followed by 7157 g ac 44. The left side of the frame is stamped with the serial number followed by an eagle/359 proof. The left side of the barrel lug is also stamped with an eagle/359 proof. Complete rig with 2 Walther magazines, stamped on their spines with eagle/359 proof and nice original repurposed black soft-shell holster embossed on the back; gxy 1944 above an E/WaA195 followed by P.38. The finish on the pistol shows edge and high point wear with some light flaking on the left front part of slide. Most of the finish has thinned from the front grip strap. Mechanically very fine, a nice P.38. Vet bring back, no import markings. C&R/FFL (consD), s/n 71xxg