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Lot includes: 1-Post WW2 OD web M1 carbine sling, excellent condition, MRT marked. 2-Lot of 9 5-shot stripper clips. 3-USGI 1973 dated M16 rifle magazine pouch, OD nylon, well marked under the flap, in mint unissued condition with uncut internal flaps. 4-Reproduction Pouch, Ammunition Shotgun, Ink stamped repro markings and 1942 date, excellent condition. 5-USGi M1961 single magazine pouch for M14 rifle 20 round magazines, 1962 dated, as issued to Marines during the Vietnam War. 6-Lot of 2 cloth bandoleers for .30 Cal. M1 ammunition (30 Carbine). 7-Lot of 2 USGI arm patches. 8-Deck of playing cards, Warplanes of WW2. 9-Small medal, German", reproduction? 10-Chinese AK-47 sling, modern as came with Norinco AKS/AKM rifles. 11-Foreign military leather sling, appears to be for a WW1 era Light Machine Gun?,