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Rare Bavarian prototype LP.08 Artillery Luger holster. Brown leather, pebble grained front with smooth leather back. Flap sides are folded and rivited at the sides, not moulded like production holsters. Stitched loops to rear wall for stock attachment. Up-strap flap closure with brass stud. Unique interior has and internal cleaning rod and takedown tool pouches. Back is marked "EUGEN HUBER/Militar-Efekten/Munchen." above a stamped "AWM/1/15". This is a unique artillery holster with prototype accessory pouches. A close up of this holster appears on page 994 of the book "The Borchardt & Luger Automatic Pistols" by Joachim Gortz and Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess. Provenance: Collection of Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess. Condition: Very good with wrinkling and a small tear on top flap. Original dye with some darkening. Stitching retains original color. Brass stud has patina with a little verdigris. Normal cracking on closure strap.,