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A very rare set of spent casing catchers issued with the MG15 machine guns used on aircraft. One canvas (Hulsensack alte Art) and one rubber (Hulsensack neue Art) variations. Both have blued metal flange latch assemblies which attach to the guns ejection port. Tan canvas bag is held open by an internal circular spring steel cage. It is stamped on the flange with a circled/HK logo and and oval/ISI logo, along with a Luftwaffe eagle/2 proof. Coin purse style closure at bottom opens to empty spent brass casings, and the borders of attachment to the canvas has stitched leather reinforcements where. The "Rubber Football" style newer type catcher, made of grey color leather, is marked on the metal flange "FL45717" next to maker code and date "baa/41", and has a stamped "BA/4202" in an octagon. The bottom of the catcher has a zipper for emptying of the casings. Provenance: Collection of Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess. Condition: Fine, both catchers retain 90% original blued finish with some minor scratches and corrosion. The grey rubber on the "Football" catcher is excellent with little wear, leather lanyard on zipper is worn and cracked. Canvas on old model catcher is stained from internal spring, leather has normal wear with original color and stitching. Both are fully serviceable with no major issues.