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8mm; 85% blue, good bore, 24.5'' barrel, Issued early during WW2, Granatbuechse 39 (GrB39) manufactured by Havelwerk GmbH, code marked "cpj" and dated 1941. Original blued finish, folding metal bipod, fixed metal framed stock. A development/conversion from the PzB38 anti-tank rifle originally chambered for a high velocity 7.92 x 94mm AT cartridge, a single shot weapon with falling block action. Most were converted to the GRB39 grenade launching variation as it was found the weapon as originally developed was inadequate for AT use against modern tank armor. Marked on the top receiver “GrB39/21136/cpj/1941” with eagle/882 proofs. The top of the barrels chamber is marked "cpj/41/bwn 32". The grenade discharge cup is marked “GrB39” and eagle/WaA proofed. The front sight assembly mounted on the left side of the barrel is matching serial numbered, while the remainder of parts are non-matching. The fine ranging wires are intact. Fixed rear sight mounted in the left side of the action. Original carry handle present. Complete and functional. Includes an original inert grenade projectile for display. C&R/FFL, s/n 211xx