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31 Cal; fair bore, fair grips, 5'' barrel, Manufactured in 1851. Old re-nickel finish, worn and sanded original walnut grip. Matching serial numbers on barrel, frame, trigger guard, backstrap and cylinder. Barrel wedge is not an original part. 5-shot cylinder with no legible stagecoach scene. Top of barrel marked with the Colt's address in two lines. Left side of frame marked "COLT'S/PATENT". A few of the screws appear to be replacements. Missing one of the backstrap frame screws. The metal has scattered areas of surface rust and pitting, some of the nickel finish flaking and dull. The grip is heavily worn with a gouge on the left side and small notches cut on the backs of each side which are fairly recent. Mechanically fine though the mainspring is weak. Antique, s/n 171xx