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(1) Collecting Duelling Pistols W. Keith Neal Soft Cover Copyright 1968 15 Pages plus Photos Good condition. (2) Bedford County Gunsmiths and Gunmakers Vaughn E. Whisker & James B. Whisker Soft Cover Copyright 1979 35 Pages Good Condition.(3) The Muzzel Loading Shotgun it"s care and use. V.M. Starr Soft Cover 11 pages good condition. (4) American Antique Guns and their Currant Prices Martin Rywell Soft Cover Copright 1960 96 Pages Good Condition. (5) Southren Derringers of the Mississippi Valley Turner Kirkland Soft Cover Copyright 1972 102 Pages Good Condition. (6) Simplified Gun Bluing & Browning Miami Laboratories Co. Soft Cover Copyright 1947 24 Pages Good Condition. (7) A Checklist of 18th & 19th Century Illinois Gunsmiths Curtis L. Johnson Soft Cover Copyright 1982 31 Pages Good Condition (8) Retail Price List and Catalogue of Guns Rifles Revolvers Ammunition and Sporting Goods. Soft Cover reprint 46 Pages Fair Condition. (9) Antique Firearms and Edged Weapons Robert Abels Soft Cover 120 Pages Fair Condition (10) The Pennsylvania Rifle Samuel E. Dyke Soft Cover Copyright 1974 62 Pages Fair Condition. (11) Artistic Ingredients of the Longrifle. Joe K. Kindig III Soft Cover Copright 1989 102 Pages Good Condition. (12) Firearms Curiosa Lewis Winant Hard Cover W/Jacket Copyright 1955 281 Pages Good Condition. (13) Weapons of the American Revolution George C. Neumann Hard Cover W/Jacket Copyright 1967 373 Pages Fair Condition. (14) American Firearms Makers A. Merwyn Carey Hard Cover W/Jacket Copyright 1953 146 Pages Fair Condition. (15) Henry Deringer's Pocket Pistol John E. Parson Hard Cover W/Jacket Copyright 1952 162 Pages Good Condition. (16) Firearm Blueing and Browning R.H. Angier Hard Cover W/Jacket Copyright 1936 151 Pages Very Good Condition. (17) European Hand Firearms Jackson & Whitelaw Hard Cover Copyright 1923 108 Pages Fair Condition,