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LOT OF MIXED BOOKS. No.1 Moskau 1941 by Carl Wageener No.2 German Boy by Wolfgang W.E. Samuel No.3 The Longest War by Peter L. Bergen No. 4 Fatherland by Robert Harris No.5 Chickenhawk by Robert Masun No. 6 The Last Dog Fight by Martin Caidin No.7 Sleeper Agent by IB Melchior **Hard Cover ** No. 8 The Fourth Protocol by Fredrick Forsyth No. 9 The Time Of Stalin by Anton Antonov Ovseyenko. No. 10The Devil we Know by Robert Baer. No. 11 SHERIDAN by Richard O'Connor No. 12 At Dawn We Slept by Gordon W. PRANGE No. 13 World War II by Don McCombs and Fred L. Worth No. 14 Some Memories of a Soldier by Scott,