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36 Cal; 10% blue, fair bore, good grips, 7 1/2'' barrel, Mfd in 1863. The revolver has been well used and has a gray patina with scattered pitting. The inscription on the blackstrap is worn, but is fully legible, "P.M.S.S. Co St. Colorado". A one-line legend -ADDRESS COL. SAML COLT NEW-YORK U.S. AMERICA- is on the top of the barrel, "COLTS/PATENT" in two lines on the left side of the frame. Cal 36 is on the left side of brass trigger guard. Full serial number 165953 is stamped on the bottom of the barrel lug, frame, trigger guard and bottom of blackstrap. Cylinder s/n does not match (Partial- 6586). Included with the revolver is a brass lantern, embossed, PMSSCo on the top with a red globe. A wooden tea chest with the legend P.M.S.S.CO. /AND/RAILWAY/MOYUNE/YOUNG HYSON., in gold letters. A spiral bound collection of research pertaining to the history of the steamer Colorado is also included., s/n 1669xx