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(1) British Military Swords From 1800-present, by John Wilkerson Latham. Hardcover with jacket. Copyright 1966. 91 pages. Has some moisture damage. (1) Uniforms, Organization and History of the Waffen-SS, by Roger James Bender and Hugh Page Taylor. Hard back. Copyright 1969. 160 pages. Some light staining. (1) SS Regalia, by Jack Pia. Softback. Copyright 1974.158 pages. (1) Weapons of the Third Reich, by Terry Gander and Peter Chamberlain. Hardback with jacket. Copyright 1978. (1) Hitler's SS, by Richard Grunberger. Softback. Copyright 1970. 128 pages. (1) Germany and the Germans, by Price Collier. Hard cover. Copyright 1913. 602 pages. Some staining. (1) for Fuhrer and Fatherland, by LTC John R Angolia. Hard back. Copyright 1976. 447 pages. (1) THE Rise of the Luftwaffe 1918-1940, by Herbert Molly Mason, Jr. Hard cover with jacket. Copyright 1973. 402 pages. (3) Time Life Books, the Third Reich the New Order. Hard cover 1989. 192 pages. The Third Reich the Twisted Dream. Hard cover. Copyright 191990.192 pages. The Third Reich the Heel of the Conqueror. Hard cover. Copyright 1991. 190 pages. (1) 3-disc DVD set. Battlefield Britain.,