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303 British; 95% blue, excellent bore, very good stock, 25'' barrel, Original wartime blue/black finish. The left side of the receiver is marked: No 4 Mk 1 and the left side of the butt socket is marked: M47c, 1943, TR. It is fitted with the correct No Mk 1 scope that is marked on the top of the scope tube: TEL SIGHTING, No 32 Mk 1, \W/, 1943, No 14184, OS 466A. The scopes optics are clear. The scope mount is a reproduction. The rifle has the standard blade front sight and correct modified tangent rear sight. The stock condition is very good and it is fitted with the correct screw-on cheek piece and is correctly stamped S51 behind the pistol grip area. The bolt serial number matches the rifle and forearm is stamped with the rifle serial number. The British "TONS" export mark on the front receiver ring. No import marks., s/n AB51xx