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7.62x45mm; fair bore, fair stock, BARREL: Refinished (Black Parkerized), Threaded with cap/protector. BORE: Dull in finish, Fair rifling w/ Severe “scaling rust/pitting”. SIGHTS: Open, FRONT- Blade, REAR- Tangent (1-10 ranged). RECEIVER: Refinished (Black Parkerized), Stamped “Maker & proof marks, SN”. BOLT: Refinished (Reddish Parkerized), Proof mark. STOCK: Wood, Non-matching SN, (ATTENTION: Has been “Repaired” with 6 Wooden dowel pins, 4 Brass dowel rods, 2 Brass Screws, Wood filler in places. The “Rifle assembly” is loose in the wood stock, the only thing is holding it in is the upper hand guard Clip/retainer.).
Mechanically fine., s/n 125xx