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SA Dagger (Eduard Vitting)
Blade: Bright, Etched "Alles Fur Deutschland", Has been polished, Cross gain marks are gone. Very light pitting. Ricasso: Etched "Encircled *Eduard Vitting* "2 men fighting" logo Solingen". Cross Guard: Dull nickel, Stamped "Wf", Light oxide pitting w/light scratches. Grips/Handle: Eagle insignia- Has edge wear and what appears to be some putty or glue behind the insignia. “SA” Roundel- Has some rust/patina on exposed metal. Wood handle has one very tiny crack between the pommel and roundel. Pommel: Dull nickel, Oxide spotting, Some nicks in bottom face. Pommel nut- Has good hex edges but the round top has some marring w/nicks. Scabbard: Throat fitting- Dull nickel with patina. Connecting ring- Eyelet have been squished out of shape. Body- Edges near throat has been flattened/indents, Long dent across bottom half, Brown anodized w/black coating very chipped. Chape- Dull nickel, Split slotted-screw head on one-side, Finial- Ball tip has been mushroomed back over the Chape. Hanger: None.,