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9 X 18 Makarov; 95% blue, excellent bore, very good grips, Czech CZ M82 Makarov (1994) w/Holster, 2 Magazines:
BORE: Very good, 4 Hill polygonal rifling, No pitting. SLIDE: LS: dot-engraved "CZ m.92 9x19mm/ CZECH REPUBLIC", RS "SN" and w/makers marks. Has very light edge-wear near muzzle. FRAME: LS: dot-engraved "PW ARMS REDMD.WA" / RS: Stamped "she94 Crossed Swords"(Czechoslovakian Army acceptance stamp). GRIPS: Plastic, Light misc. dents, scratches, Good checkering. SIGHTS: FRONT- Pinned white marked blade, REAR- 2 dot marked, dovetailed. MAGAIZNE(S) - 2, Non-numbered only "Crossed Swords" (Czechoslovakian Army acceptance stamp) on LS. Mechanically fine. SN/ 2004XX. Holster:CZ-82 Leather holster military ambidextrous, Light brown, Stitching intact, Rubber stamped “Square OTR 1”, "Czechoslovakian Army acceptance stamp" the rest is illegible. The back is penned “martinasek 056870”, Has drip stains of an unknown liquid on front and flap. No Cleaning rod.,