COLT M1911A1

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45 ACP; 80% blue, good bore, good grips, Colt M1911A1 -
Manufactured in 1916 (approx.). BORE: Dull finish, Good rifling, Moderate pitting (mostly in grooves). BARREL: Blued, WW2 Hi-Standard barrel stamped "P", "HS". SLIDE: Bluing aged to a grayish hue, LS- stamped "PATENTED APR.20.1897. SEPT.9.1902. DEC.19.1905. FEB.14.1911. AUG.19.1913., COLT'S PT.F.A.MFG.CO HARTFORD, CT.U.S.A.", RS- "MODEL OF 1911.U.S. ARMY". FRAME: Bluing aged to a grayish hue, LS- stamped "UNITED STATES PROPERTY", "GHS" (Gilbert H. Stewart monogram), RS- Stamped w/ SN. GRIPS: Wood, Well-worn checkering, No cracks, No chips. MAGAIZNE(S): 1 qty blued (mostly worn off), Usage wear, Moderate pitting in places, dark spotting, Non-numbered. Mechanically fine. HOLSTER: Original M1916, Leather, Dark brown, Outer flap embossed "Oval US", Inner Flap marked "105?? A", "B 4 9". Intact stitches, Damage to the hanger strap 3/4 torn, Leg straps missing., s/n 1355xx