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SA Daggers (G.L. Koller Nachf.)
Blade: Bright, Etched “Alles Für Deutschland”, Light drag marks from retention hardware, Cross grain- Visible. Ricasso: Encircled "* G.L. KOLLER NACHF.* SOLINGEN". Cross Guard: Dull nickel, Misc. dents, scratches, light patina, Stamped "Wf". Handle: Wood- Light dents and scratches. Fit is equal. Eagle Insignia- Very good detail, Light patina. “SA” Roundel- Brown enamel, Dull nickel accent w/patina. Pommel: Dull nickel, Misc. dents, scratches. Light patina. Pommel Nut- Dull nickel, Some rounding of hex edges, Light patina. Scabbard: Throat fitting- Nickel finish, Light patina w/rust spots, Misc. dents, scratches. Body- Brown "anodized" finish(85%) w/lacquer top coating(85%). Chape- Nickel finish, Light scratches, two noticeable dents on one side. Finial- 98% round. Leather Hanger: None.,