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Blade: Bright, etched “Alles Für Deutschland”, Light drag marks from retention hardware, Cross grain- Barely visible, has been polished (still residue in gaps), tip of blade has an “S” bend. Ricasso: Etched encircled "•AUG.KÜLLENBERG• SOLINGGEN-GR." With crest/logo. Cross Guard: Dull nickel, Light misc. dents, scratches, Light patina. Stamped "Nrh". Handle: Wood- Light brown, Light misc. dents, dings. Has two cracks: 1 between Roundel and Pommel (chip in progress) and one on the opposite side also has 2 large chips, 1 small chip, all on pommel end. Eagle Insignia- Good detail, Some high- point wear (head/face), Light patina. “SA” Roundel- Light brown enamel w/dull nickel highlights, Light patina, small chip in enamel. Pommel: Dull nickel, Misc. dents, scratches w/light patina. Pommel Nut- Dull nickel, Some rounding on hex edges. Round Cap: Has "Pliers" marks w/patina. Scabbard: SA. Throat fitting- Dull nickel, misc. dents, scratches. Missing a screw. Body- Brown "Anodized" Finish (10%) w/Lacquer top coat (8%) Some pitting and dark spotting, Light surface in places, 2 noticeable dents. Chape- Dull nickel, Minor misc. dents, dings, scratches. Missing a screw. Finial- Some dents (70%) "Round".
(Side note the missing screws on the same side have been fill with what looks like “solder”.),