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8mm Mauser; 85% blue, fair bore, fair stock, 23.5'' barrel, This rifle is built on a Geco commercial small ring action, fitted with a K98 barrel, stock and hardware. The right side of the receiver ring is stamped GECO and the left side has crown/N proofs. The action has original double claw mounts which appear to be factory installed, with an M.S.W. WetzlarZielfernrohr 4x81 scope mounted. The scope has a heavy pointer/crosshair reticle with good optics, being a bit cloudy and yellowed. The barrel retains eagle/180 proofs and a military acceptance mark on the left side of the chamber. There are no matching parts, the bolt being un-numbered. The rifle is mounted in a laminated k98 stock and handguard with faint eagle/H and WaA655 proofs, leaving the recessed areas around the receiver ring open for a large ring 98 action. The trigger guard and floorplate are commercial without locking screws for the action screws and double set triggers. Includes the attached original leather sling, cleaning rod and front sight hood. The metal finish on the rifle appears to have been refurbished at some point, showing some fairly light wear and handling. The stock is overall nice, however the fit at the upper receiver tang is qeustionable and the stock has a crack running back to the comb from the end of the tang due likely to the bad fit. Mechanically the bolt action seems a bit stiff. The bore shows wear and heavy frost throughout. It is known that towards the end of the war certain firms put rifles like this together from reworked surplus and ordnance parts, and these were sold to Police and other groups in nazi Germany. This particular example is questionable in my opinion. An interesting assembly none the less. C&R/FFL, s/n 38xx