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9mm Luger; 60% blue, Good bore, good grips, 4'' barrel, Original blue finish, strawed small parts and checkered walnut grips. Matching except the un-numbered grip panels. The magazine has been renumbered to match. Unit marked on the back grip strap J.R.474.1.M.G.K.24. Standard Imperial proofs and military acceptance marks. Most of the small parts are marked with the small Erfurt proof. Condition: The metal finish shows edge and high point holstering wear and has turned a blue/patina mix overall with some minor spotting. The small parts retain only traces of straw color. The grips show some wear and handling with well defined checkering, the right panel having a repaired crack running the length. Mechanically fine, the bore shows some wear and corrosion in the grooves. C&R/FFL, s/n 90xxf, Catalog Number E-63