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9mm Luger; 75% blue, very good bore, fair grips, 8'' barrel, Mauser produced artillery model LP08 Luger pistol for a Siamese contract. Original blue finish, strawed small parts and checkered walnut grips. The numbered parts are matching except the rear sight leaf. The magazine is original and matching. Stamped on the top of the toggle with a 5-line Mauser banner logo and on top of the chamber with the date 1936. Oberndorf crown/U proofs appear on the left side of the receiver and breechbolt and on the end of the front sight base. The back of the frame is marked with the Siamese lions head proof and Bangkok Police property number 258 in Thai. Light Odin import markings appear on the bottom of the frame in front of the trigger guard, this company acquired and imported the majority of the Siamese Lugers from Thailand. Included with the pistol is an original walnut shoulder stock which is not matching to the gun, numbered 3474 on the left side. This pistol is featured in the book "The Borchardt & Luger Automatic Pistols" by Joachim Gortz and Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess on page 562, and is from Dr. Sturgess's collection. Condition: Overall Good, the metal finish is turning dull as is common on these due to the climate in which they saw service, with edge and high point wear and light sruface spotting overall. There are scattered areas of pitting on the barrel and an area of pitting on the right side of the frame above the grip panel. The straw color has mostly faded from the small parts with some dark spotting. The grip are worn, the left panel having a small chip missing under the safety lever and the right panel needs attention as it will not remain in place. Mechanically fine, the bore has shine and farily sharp rifling, showing some light corrosion throughout. The stock is in overall good condition, having small dings and scratches overall and surface spotting on the attaching iron and lever. A small piece of strap leather remains on the left side. C&R/FFL, s/n 35xxv, Catalog Number AR-45