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9mm Luger; 80% blue, 10% straw, fair bore, good grips, 7 7/8'' barrel, Original blue finish, strawed small parts and matching number checkered beechwood grips. All matching including the magazine. Fine tune front and rear sights. Standard Imperial proofs and military acceptance marks. The metal finish is thinning over all with some scattered minor spotting. The straw color on the small parts has mostly faded away with traces of color remaining. The grips are over all good, the left panel having a small chip missing under the safety lever. Mechanically fine. The bore shows some wear and light corrosion in the grooves. Rig, includes an original wooden shoulder stock which is not matching to the gun, with an Imperial proof on the left side. The stock has worn finish with spotting on the attaching iron and locking lever. Attached to the stock with original leather straps is an original leather holster in fair condition, no legible date. The holster has a repaired lifting strap and a torn end on the flap upstrap. The shoulder strap has a repair and the cup is missing the small keeper strap on the bottom. Also includes an original Imperial proofed cleaning rod. C&R/FFL, s/n 15xxd, Catalog Number AR-604