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9mm Luger; 92% blue, 50% straw, fair bore, good grips, 4'' barrel, Navy ordnance rework to P.08 configuration. Original blue finish, strawed small parts and checkered walnut grips. Numbered parts are matching except the magazine and grips, many small parts are not numbered. The magazine is a blued sheet steel variation with wood bottom which is crown/M navy proofed and numbered along the tail of the base "7009". Navy unit marked on the back grip strap to the North Sea fleet "N/1827". The 6 inch barrel has been shortened to 4 inch with the front sight block reinstalled. The sideplate and takedown lever are numbered on the bottom commercial style. The toggle assembly is not numbered. The frame, sideplate and trigger are rework re-numbered matching. The left side of the receiver is stamped with two crown/M proofs and a crown/M proof is located on the bottom of the barrel. Navy acceptance stamps appear on the left side of the receiver and barrel. There is a small plugged hole on the left side frame. The sideplate has an Imperial proof on the side. This gun is featured on page 921 of the book "The Borchardt & Luger Automatic Pistols" by Joachim Gortz & Dr. Geoffrey Sturgess, and this pistol is from the Dr. Sturgess collection. Small import mark on the bottom of the frame. The metal finish and grips show some wear and handling. Mechanically fine. C&R/FFL, s/n 21, Catalog Number NA-10