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7.63mm Mauser; 94% blue, good bore, very good grips, 5.5'' barrel, Original blue finish, strawed trigger, fire blued small parts, matching serial number grooved walnut grips. Matching numbers, including the walnut shoulder stock. Standard Mauser Oberndorf markings on top chamber flat. Fixed front sight, tangent rear sight graduated to 500 meters. Crown/U proofed. The fire blue finish on the small parts shows some spotting. Mechanically fine. The matching stock is in fair condition, the lid is cracked and repaired across the top. The bottom left corner is cracked for about 4.5 inches. The finish on the attaching iron has browned. And there is an old gouge on the upper edge of the left side of the wrist area. Antique (below 15000), s/n 86xx