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30 RF; fair bore, fair grips, 2.25'' barrel, Manufactured 1874-1876. Original nickel finish and genuine ivory grips. 5-shot fluted cylinder. The top of the barrel is stamped with the Colt's address in two lines. The left side of the barrel is etched COLT NEW 30. The nickel finish remains at approximately 90%, with areas of flaking around some of the borders and edges. The screws, hammer and cylinder pin have some of the original fire blue finish. The grips are overall good however the left panel has a crack from top to bottom. The action is working but is a bit stiff and the cylinder pin is frozen in place and will need some attention. Antique. Notice: Items with real elephant ivory will banned from sale beginning June 26, 2014. Private ownership is not illegal. Buy this now or never., s/n 39xx