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9mm Luger; 99% blue, excellent bore, very good grips, 4'' barrel, Post WW2 produced with sub-standard machining and tooling marks. Very few of these were made new after the war and speculation is they were intended for manufacture of spare parts for the pistols being issued to the VOPO. Slight differences in some of the small parts and features ie: the takedown lever and sideplate, no stock lug on the back grip frame and no provision for a lanyard bar on the back of the frame. The numbered parts are matching and the only numbered parts are the frame, receiver and magazine. The magazine is the blue finish extruded type with pinned aluminum bottom which has the matching serial and a police added number "1". Original blue finish, fitted with the checkered black plastic grips as seen on the post war VOPO luger pistols. The left side short frame rail in stamped "1001". A crown/N proof appears on the bottom of the barrel along with a post war eagle/N and "9mm P." Post war eagle/N proofs also appear on the inside of the frame and left side of the breechbolt and toggle. Mechanically fine and clean, this example appears un-uissued. C&R/FFL, s/n 51, Catalog Number K-16